Port Germein, South Australia, is a small town with a big history and a long, long wooden jetty, where once graceful sailing ships called to pick up wheat and wool and transport it all over the world.


"The 'Cape Wrath' sailed right up to the jetty and during Sunday evening the captain took advantage of the fine weather and warped the vessel alongside the jetty. It was a pretty sight and the singing of the seamen whilst tripping the anchor &c., could be heard all over the Port."
Areas' Express, Friday 1 June 1888, page 3


In a satirical column, "Echoes from the Smoking Room," 3 politicians associated with Port Germein were made to express secret parliamentary motions via the Thoughtograph, showing their passion for, and belief in, Port Germein:

By Mr. Ward... that Port Germein be at once declared a city and the hub of the universe.
By Mr. Giles...that each selector in the District of Frome shall be canonized by special Act of Parliament; that the warship Protector shall be instantly removed to Port Germein as the only important shipping place in the colony ; and that after this session the meetings of Parliament shall be held at Port Germein, the present Parliament Buildings in Adelaide to be used as a Home for Tired Selectors when they come to town, all bills for their maintenance to be defrayed by the State.
By Mr. Bews...That a Select Committee be appointed to proceed upon a roving commission, with the forlorn hope of discovering whether there is in South Africa, or in any other part of the world such a place as Port Germein, and if so, why; and if not, why not?
The Register, Tuesday, Oct 9, 1888


23-10-2017: The Red Post Shop Cafe opened for business. Originally built for T.S. Marshall & Son in 1885, it was often used not just as a shop but for meetings and social occasions, before the institute was built.
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2-5-2017: Jetty fixed, from ABC North and West.
7-10-2016: Jetty to be repaired following promise of Government Grant.
30-9-2016: Last night the jetty at Port was again damaged by huge tides during the unprecedented state wide storms.
10-5-2016: The Port Germein jetty was badly damaged in a storm on Monday night, 9th May, 2016. Check out similar damage in 1953.

DAMAGE THROUGH FLOODS. On Thursday morning Messrs. Ward and Copley, M.P.'s, presented a memorial to the Commissioner of Public Works from residents of Port Germein respecting heavy damage done to the crossing between the township and Post-Office by recent floods, and asked that the crossing might be repaired. The Commissioner promised to get a report on the matter.
Evening Journal, Thursday 9 October 1884, page 2


The beach Palais, a multicoloured octagonal building of corrugated iron, originally the Palais de Danse, was built in 1926 on the foreshore next to the goods shed opposite the Pier Hotel and at the start of the jetty, by Mr. John Laver, mine host of the Pier Hotel. Sailors from the wheat ships would make the lengthy walk up the jetty or catch a passing railway truck to meet the locals at the Palais. Regular dances stopped around the start of WW2, but the Palais continued as a beach shop and popular meeting place for the young until it was demolished in 1964. You can find out about the Palais, life in Port Germein in the 1950s and 1960s and learn about the fabulous ships which called at Port Germein during the wheat races in my book, The Marvellous Dancing Palais at Port Germein.


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PHOTOS: Above: Jetty repaired, August 2017; Making the Red Post Shop Cafe from their Facebook page; Floods of 1884 probably taken by Photographer Mr. David Stacey; Book cover by me; figurehead of sailing ship Pommern taken in Mariehamn, Finland by me. Below: Our dog Tammy on the beach c. 1962; A. Paetke, builder in Port Germein; Repairs to jetty 2017 by Ruth Akizuki.

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